We pay any way

Business account with ELPASO is your path to cross-border payments and affordable currency exchange

What we offer

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Business accounts

  • A business account in EUR with unique IBAN
  • Send, receive and keep EUR
  • Access online using mobile app
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Payments and currency exchange

  • Immediate FX rates for payments in different currencies
  • Fast and secure international payments
  • Transparent prices
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Feel special

  • Enjoy user-friendly interface and mobile app
  • Dive into our exceptional customer care
  • Select the fee plan that suits your business best
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Our values

  • Customer security
  • Exceptional service
  • Fair pricing

Payments Any Way


Make sure your counterparty has also an account with ELPASO. Pay and get paid instantly within the platform.



Make EUR payments within EU at lower costs at any time.



Making business far away from home or all over the world? No problem!


Pay in other currencies

Do you have to pay to an international supplier in another currency? See your FX rates as you pay!

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  • ELPASO is a regulated entity

Electronic Payment Solutions Ltd. (ELPASO) is FCA regulated Electronic Money Institution, with reliable banking partners to safeguard your funds read more

  • Your data is safe

Only you decide who has access to your data read more

  • Your transactions are safe

You manage rights of account users, log-in and confirm every transaction with one-time password.

  • You are safe

If anything doesn’t go as expected, we are there to support you, do our best to meet your expectations or immediately stand by you if you suspect fraud attempt.


for individuals

Account opening – free

Payment IN – 1%

Payment OUT – free

for companies

Balances up to € 100,000

SEPA payment OUT fee € 25

SWIFT payment OUT fee 0.3%

for companies

Balances up to € 1,000,000

SEPA payment OUT fee € 25

SWIFT payment OUT fee 0.2%

for companies

From € 0 p.m.

Balances above € 1,000,000

All tariffs are individual

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