Business accounts

Your simple ELPASO business account is made to be the best alternative to a bank and enables you to pay any way!

Business account

Your business account is made with everything you need in the simplest way. Opens fast, pays fast. Enjoy a simple and neat design of the interface and no stress experience. Control your business money flow on your computer, laptop, or mobile app.

  • Apply for an account and spend almost no time for waiting

After submitting your application and verification documents, we will waste no time and respond to it within 1-2 business days and in some cases almost immediately. This depends on the complexity of your business ownership structure and business model as well as on the quality of information and verification sources you have provided.

  • Authorize your employees or attorneys for access. Stay in control of their rights and actions

Create as many users as your business requires. Give them full, limited, or view-only rights. Revoke or change rights at any time. All money moving activities require a one-time password and leave a trace for your administration.

  • Use the account to pay and get paid in many different currencies: internally, domestically, internationally - any way

When you are ready to pay – see your FX rates and fees right away before you sign the payment.


Types of business accounts


Your individual International Bank Account Number (IBAN) will enable collections from your clients directly

ELPA wallet

Your digital ELPASO wallet (Internal account) will be used to pay out in any other currencies any way


ELPASO business account in 3 steps


Fill in a simple questionnaire and provide us with supporting documents to verify your identity and business model. It is important that you provide accurate information, as mistakes may lead to delay or decline of your application. In case of doubts – please contact us via e-mail

Support your application

We accept supporting documents digitally. To avoid any delays or resubmission requests, please make sure that you provide one pdf file per document in good scan quality.

Enjoy your brand-new business account and pay your way!

Once your application is checked, your account will become available to you and all authorized users. Make sure you have read our latest Terms and Conditions and Terms of your individual agreement (if any) before you start using the platform to have all the information you need.

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